Valentin Ovsyannikov studied conducting and composition in the Gnesins Russian Academy of Music.
The founder and art director of Moscow Children's Variety Theatre.
The founder of "Children's World" - the first rock band in Russia playing children's rock.
Pupils: Polina Gagarina, Svetlala Svetikova, Yelena Perova, Marina Vainbrandt, Anna Levanova, Olga
Litvinova and others.
The theatre generated such projects as " Lyceum" trio, "R" band, Papa Carlo band, "XXI Century" band.
11 musicals for children.
5 musicals for adults.
Music for films, TV, theatre and several hundreds of songs.
According to the well-known poet Pyotr Vegin, Valentin Ovsyannikov synthesizes different musical
styles and genres with great taste.
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Valentin Ovsyannikov permanent co-authors
Vladimir Stepanov
The most published Russian poet and prose writer for children, author of more than 1500 books for children and youth, author of one of the versions of the Russian anthem. Honored Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation.
Alexander Shaganov
Soviet and Russian lyricist,"Ovation" national prize winner, author of the lyrics for pop songs.
Author of the most popular songs by "Lyube" band, including "The Stallion" - really national hit.
Songs on the lyrics of Alexander Shaganov have been performed by Alla Pugacheva, Sofia Rotaru,
Alexander Barykin, Alsu, Alexander Marshal, Dima Bilan, Vadim Kazachenko, Danko, Katya Lel and others.
Mikhail Mikhailov
Soviet and Russian lyricist
Military reporter, Afghanistan war veteran.
Author of the lyrics for the most of the Moscow Children's Variety Theatre shows.
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"I would have been a self-assured madman if I tried to describe everything done by this many-sided charming Talent named Valentin Ovsyannikov. And it doesn't mean that he is just an outstanding musician, but that he is a Composer in all respects and capacities: a Musician, a Theatre and public figure, a Teacher, a Writer… In other words, the creator of everything new and beautiful – Theatre, Music, stage shows and heartfelt songs. And more than that. Valentin Ovsyannikov raises hundreds of talented children, who will soon take place at the top of the theatre, musical and variety show Olympus.
He is a composer in all senses, a man who really perceives composition not only as his professional occupation but, which is most important, as his personal destination in this world – the accumulation, connection, composition, formation of the whole from the innumerable parts which our life is made of. The man, who looks for, finds and brings out the Beauty and Harmony even in our crazy and wild world. You only need to listen to his musical compositions, or just come to the unique, the world's only Moscow Children's Variety Theatre created by him.
Boris Goldovsky
Doctor of Art appreciation, art director of Moscow Puppet Theatre, Honored Cultural Worker of Russia
"When you need to write something about somebody, it's better, of course, if you don't know this person very well. Then you can use some clichés, some fantasy, you can embellish your story, and it will be nice and good for all.
But when you speak about Valentin Valentinovich Ovsyannikov this is out of the question,
because there is nothing standard, false, artificial about him. This means that the words about him should be likewise. I am happy just because he exists – a unique person, a talented composer, a wise teacher. This combination of regular and valuable qualities in him is real miracle. It is gratifying to live and to breathe when you realize that nature not always rests but it can create such works as Valentin Ovsyannikov. And, of course, special thanks to his parents!
Yegor Serov
TV and radio anchor, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Radio, member of the board of the Russian Book Union
"Composer Valentin Ovsyannikov is my co-author, a wonderful musician with his own view of the world, inimitable in his creative work. I hope that our mutual work will further on give birth to new song revelations that will come in useful to both the children's group of the variety theatre and to the mature professionals…"
Alexander Shaganov
Soviet and Russian songwriter, author of the lyrics for popular hits.
"About thirty years ago I was shooting the movie named "A Step". And I was in search of emotional
performing of the final song. Quite unexpectedly I decided to choose the "Children's World" rock band
of a young composer Valentin Ovsyannikov. He has a wonderful group of talented children which, with
time, has transformed into the well-known "Children's Variety Theatre" that opened doors for them…"
Alexander Mitta,
Soviet and Russian moviemaker, scriptwriter, actor, Honored Artist of RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia
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"The basis for Valentin Ovsyannikov's musical works is a unique, bright, distinctive melodics…"
Mark Minkov, Soviet and Russian composer, People's Artist of Russia

Musical based on "The Blue Bird" play by Maurice Maeterlinck
Musical based on the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov
Libretto by Valentin Ovsyannikov
Musical based on "The Snow Maiden" play by Alexander Ostrovsky
Musical based on the poems by Yu.Timyansky and A.Sivitsky
Musical based on the fairy story by A.Volkov
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Musical and Poetic Compositions
"… an experienced, mature composer. I especially liked the fantasy on the oems by Brodsky. A remarkable work with unexpected harmonic correlations. Congratulations!"
Alexey Muravlev, Soviet and Russian composer, Honored Artist of RSFSR, laureate of state prize
The song cycles and long-form pieces based on the lines of famous poets. Each composition lasts one hour and consists of songs, recitation to music and atmospheric music.
You may listen to demos. Whole composition will be sent on the request
Musical fantasy based on the poems by Joseph Brodsky
Performers: Valentin Ovsyannikov, Alisa Popova, vocal ensemble of Moscow Children's Variety Theatre
Vocal cycle on the poems by Alexander Pushkin
Performed by Valentin Ovsyannikov
Vocal cycle on the poems by Sergei Yesenin
Performed by Valentin Ovsyannikov
Vocal cycle based on the poems by Olga Chugai
Performed by Valentin Ovsyannikov, Elizaveta Voroshilina
Rock-suite based on the poems by Pyotr Vegin
Performed by Valentin Ovsyannikov, vocal ensemble of Moscow Children's Variety Theatre
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Songs for Children and Performed by Children
"it's pleasant to see careful and, at the same time, no-nonsense attitude to poetry In
Valentin Ovsyannikov's vocal compositions…"

Olga Chugai, Soviet and Russian poet and translator
Vocal cycles for children based on the poems of anthological children's poets.
Music for children with bright memorable melody.
Easy to remember and performed by children
Music for Theatre and Cinema
"… every musical composition by Valentin Ovsyannikov contains psychologism and

Alexander Mitta, Soviet and Russian moviemaker, scriptwriter, actor, Honored Artist of the Russian
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